Funeral Flowers for Men


It can sometimes be difficult to choose funeral flowers for men, not because there aren’t many appropriate masculine flower choices but because there are so many.   The information below may be just what you need to help you decide which funeral flowers to send.

Traditional Funeral Flowers for Men


Traditional funeral flowers for men are always appropriate but they are among the best choices for men who are more conservative or traditional.   Traditional funeral flowers for men tend to be stylized arrangements in colors widely considered to be masculine (or neutral) such as red, blue, yellow, orange, and white.



Contemporary Funeral Flowers for Men


Contemporary funeral flowers make an excellent choice of funeral flowers for men who are younger or who preferred modern styles.  Contemporary funeral flowers are sleekly designed, carefully structured flower arrangements with a modern and stylish sensibility.



Funeral Flowers for the Outdoorsman


Masculine funeral flowers can express a woodsy or outdoorsy feeling through the use of natural materials like wheat, twigs, and pods.  Other great funeral flowers choices for the outdoorsman include live plants and planters.

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Standing Sprays for Men


Standing sprays are another type of appropriate and tasteful funeral flowers for men.  Standing sprays like the ones below are both masculine and appropriate to send to any funeral.



Casket Sprays for Men


Funeral flowers etiquette tells us that casket sprays are generally sent by immediate family members.  Such close family members will often have some idea of what flowers or colors the deceased enjoyed and they can be incorporated into the casket spray.  Details such as the color of the casket and the color of their loved one’s clothing can also serve to narrow down appropriate funeral flowers or colors.  The masculine casket sprays below would both make beautiful floral tributes for any man.



General Tips on Sending Funeral Flowers for Men


All flower types are appropriate to send as funeral flowers for men.  As a general rule, if you avoid flowers in traditionally considered feminine colors like pink and lavender, your choice of funeral flowers will be both masculine and appropriate.  

Don’t worry about small details; what is important is that you have chosen to honor the memory of and to comfort the family and friends of someone special with a gift of flowers.

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